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The Research Team: Faculty


Our team of experienced researchers from Monash Business School and The University of Glasgow.

Kat Profile.png


University of Glasgow,
Adam Smith Business School

Professor Kathleen Riach's expertise is in the area of ageing at work and the experience of growing up and older in and around the labour market.  Her research explores aspects of working life that are rarely discussed formally but nonetheless have a significant impact of how people feel, think and behave, including the body and emotions.

Kohyar Profile.png


Monash Business School,
Centre for Global Business

Dr Kohyar Kiazad obtained his PhD from the University of Melbourne and has been an academic at Monash University since 2012. His research focuses on how research employees respond to broken promises (from their employer), abusive supervisors, and why people stay in their jobs and careers.



Monash Business School,
Doctoral Researcher

Margie is a PhD candidate at Monash Business School. With qualifications and several years experience at the intersection of public health, management and journalism, Margie is well-placed to gather and record narratives of post-burnout experience.

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